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Today, naval powers face a range of diversified and changing threats. To be effective in this increasingly complex and versatile environment, complete mastery of this environment is then demanded.  Key to fulfilling these requirements is the Thales Naval Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (NEWOSC).

The Naval Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre is shore-based asset that includes:

- An intelligence database containing details of enemy weapons systems,

- A means of validating and managing the collected threat data in a Navy Reference database,

- A means of issuing and disseminating mission-critical data to assets in-theatre.

Effective operation of the R-ESM at sea and of the NEWOSC requires a permanent investment in trained staff. Thus it can be seen for any modern navy that the NEWOSC is key for preparing strategy and to reinforce effectiveness at sea or in support of other forces.

Training and Simulation Tools

The NEWOSC includes a Trainer and Simulator tool to provide EW operators with the necessary skills to operate both deployed EW systems and the NEWOSC.  This tool generates a realistic EW scenario as actual EW data is used. This simulator is coupled to an EW CBT to allow operators to learn by themselves the foundations of EW and Radars.

RESM System Testing

To improve efficiency, the Test and Calibration range performs R-ESM testing on EW platforms prior to mission departure.  It generates radar signals issued from the Reference database; these should then be identified properly by the equipment onboard the platform under test. It could also be considered as an alternative means to the training of EW operators.