Solutions - Aquilon - Fully Integrated Communication System (FICS)

Solutions - Aquilon - Fully Integrated Communication System (FICS)

Fully Integrated Communication System (FICS)

A worldwide sea proven scalable Naval Communication System

  • Already deployed on all class on naval platforms from fast attack craft to aircraft carrier and conventional or nuclear submarines
  • IP open architecture
  • Full range of services: voice, intercom, conference calls, data links, databases…
  • Full range of communications:
    • Internal communications
    • External communications
  • Centralized communication management
  • Naval network enabling capabilities
  • Local user connectivity via secure high speed IP backbone (NGIN, focon IP)
  • Interconnection with external communications (radio, modems, satcom terminals, public network, telephone…)
  • Security, survivability, reliability, interoperability
  • Communication management (PARTNER):
    • Security management
    • User management
    • Radio management
  • Scalable, flexible and modular design, standard interfaces



Message handling system and HF e-mail

Selected by multiple NATO and non-NATO countries

  • Cover all HF data services
  • Scalable to exact users requested HF services
  • Compliant with:
    • ACP127 (telegraphy)
    • ACP123 (X400 based, with military extension)
  • SMTP (Internet standard)
  • Includes the new ACP142 (P_MUL) for multicast and radio silence reception capability of e-mails
  • Scalable client-server architecture
  • Coupling with Stanag 5066 ARQ stack for error-free communications over HF
  • High level of security: common criteria EAL3 certified
  • Server running under Windows
  • Clients running on any platform supporting JAVA (Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Single or redundant server


AQUILON HF Data Services