Whether based on the Herakles multifunction radar or the APAR multifunction radar in combination with the SMART-L volume search radar, the Thales AAW system is unrivalled. It is the result of a rewarding trade-off between a low-risk evolution and a daring but responsible infusion of the latest technologies.



AAW System for US missiles
A new, cost-effective design for a naval Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) system of unrivalled performance is now operational on board the latest generation of Air Defence Frigates ("De Zeven Provinciën class")
of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Federal German Navy ("Sachsen" class) and has been selected for the Danish Patrol Ships currently under construction. The system outperforms any other AAW system, existing or under development, thanks to its unique combination of sensors and weapons. It captures the best of European and US capabilities and experience in AAW development and is a successful synergy of:

  • Long Range Volume Search Radar (SMART-L)
  • Multifunction Active Phased Array Radar (APAR)
  • Long Range Infrared Surveillance System (SIRIUS)
  • Fully Distributed AAW system architecture (SEWACO FD/TACTICOS)
  • Vertical Launch Missile System (Mk 41)
  • Long Range/Area Defence Missile (SM-2)
  • Medium Range/Local Area Defence Missile (ESSM)
  • Close-in Weapon System (GOALKEEPER / RAM)
  • Medium Calibre Multi-Purpose Gun:
    - Netherlands 127mm + GOALKEEPER
    - Germany 76mm + Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)


The system is based on the NATO Anti-Air Warfare (NAAWS) concept combined with the latest developments in Extended Air Defence.


TBMD capabilities
These developments include the upgrade path towards Maritime Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence (MTBMD) capabilities by extending the detection range and capabilities of the SMART-L radar and the functionality of the TACTICOS AAW functionality.


Anti Air Warfare System solution for European missiles
A new design of an AAW system developed for the ASTER missile family is now operational on board of the frigates of the Singaporean Navy. This solution uses the HERAKLES 3D multifunction radar that is designed to be the sole radar on board of larger naval platforms. HERAKLES is optimized for detection of SSMs, ARMs diving missiles, fi ghters and helicopters in littoral environments. The system has an exceptionally high reliability and operational availability, thanks to its all solid-state and highly redundant architecture. This solution will also be installed on the French FREMM frigates. This solution can be extended with the SIRIUS IRST System for passive surveillance and low-level target tracking.


Anti Air Warfare System for small platforms
Apart from the AAWS for high-end platforms such as destroyers and AAW frigates, Thales can also provide an AAWS for smaller vessels, including frigates and corvettes. This capable AAW combat suite combines the new SMART-S Mk2 Volume Search Radar with a STIR or STING EO Mk2 weapon control system and the TACTICOS Combat Management System.
Associated weapon systems can be the Mk41 missile launcher with ESSM missile, Rollling Airframe Missile (RAM) ort the VL-MICA system in combination with medium calibre dual-purpose gun.