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Mobile broadband at sea

Using a mobile device at sea is nowhere near as simple as it is on land.

The things that make the jobs of a ship’s crew easier — making a phone call, sending photos, videos and multimedia messages, or communicating with a group of users — run into all sorts of technical and operational constraints. With LTE by Thales, broadband connectivity at sea has become an everyday reality.

Secure broadband services

Installing Wi-Fi on a ship is a daunting task. Radio waves propagate poorly in such a compartmentalized space, meaning that lots of hotspots are needed to avoid dropped signals.
LTE by Thales offers the secure broadband services that naval crews need to accomplish their missions, from the most routine to the most critical:

  • an onboard 4G/LTE private network to enable mobility all over the ship and a PMRtype service using a radiating cable
  • a private LTE flotilla network covering all ships in a naval task force patrolling within  a given perimeter, for example so a mother ship can keep track of an interception team boarding a boat
  • access to a private operator’s public network when the ship is within range near the coastline, for example for private communications or to transmit previously encrypted operational data when entering a military port.

In today’s perilous environment, keeping communications secure is crucial. LTE by Thales is a modular offering tailored to customer needs and providing a hardened multimedia communications capability for ships’ crews.
The LTE ecosystem meets all the expectations of naval and maritime forces in terms of cost, interoperability, upgradability and ease of use.

Unique features
LTE by Thales draws on world-class expertise and experience with civil and military systems from around the globe. Distinctive features of this comprehensive solution include:
- Sea-proven technology
- Seamless integration with existing platforms and infrastructures
- Compact, robust systems designed for marine conditions