New Satcom Terminals for UAV

In 2016, Thales has been awarded a contract to develop and deliver a Beyond Line Of Site (BLOS) communication system for an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) programme in the EMEA region. New Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) will be equipped with secure satcom capabilities from Thales.

Thales's new airborne terminal is dual-band, high speed, fully secure and robust to provide high availability communications. The airborne terminals are designed to operate in all phases of flight, in particular at high altitude and at very low temperatures, and are ultracompact to minimize the UAV payload. On the ground, Thales will deploy a Ku/Ka station as a gateway to interface the terrestrial network with the UAVs through the satellite.

The system will be equipped with Thales’s 3rd generation high throughput, anti-interference andanti-jamming System 21 Modem21 AIR.. Thales will also design a cutting-edge dual-band Ku/ Ka radome and equip the low-profile antennas with our in-house developed Antenna Control Units (ACU). This success broadens Thales’s footprint in the fast growing airborne SATCOM-enabled ISR market and confirms our expertise in the highlydemanding field of airborne satcom solutions. Thales’s 3rd generation System 21 is battlefieldproven for land, air and naval applications and exists in three variants:
• Modem21 AIR: airborne solution combining performance and agility for UAV, mission aircraft or helicopter platforms
• Modem21 FIELD: mobile and tactical outdoor solution for constrained terrestrial environments in which our manpack or On-The-Move terminals are evolving
• Modem21 CORE: 19 inches indoor rack for fixed or deployable large stations and vessels