Thales leads the field in Military Satcom transmission solutions thanks to the System 21

Thales leads the field in Military Satcom transmission solutions thanks to the System 21, the standardised solution that complies with the latest NATO standards and offers unmatched performance in terms of discretion and protection. System 21 supports the toughest operational constraints increasingly encountered by forces on the field.
System 21 meets the need for high availability in critical environments and in all Defence and Government applications. It is designed to support even the toughest conditions encountered by deployed forces (air, land and sea). It provides excellent discretion and protection with no trade-off in performance.

For military applications, System 21 complements Thales's high-performance, high-reliability Satcom terminals for air, land and naval operations.

System 21 is already in widespread use in several countries and is systematically upgraded to incorporate operational feedback from users of our field-proven satcom solutions.

System 21, as a secure transmission solution, is the Core building block of the Satcom Ground Segment provided by Thales. These ground segments include many other highly efficient building blocks such as robust terminals for critical platforms of the air, land and naval domains, intuitive management systems, security functions and military based networking solutions.

From UAVs to mission aircrafts, from Onthe- Move Satcom to large deployable tactical hub, from submarines to aircraft carriers, Thales Satcom ground segment delivers large scale field proven multi-band terminals dedicated to real military forces on the field.

Wherever safety and security are critical, Thales delivers. Together,
we innovate with our customers to build smarter solutions. Everywhere.