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Stabilised independent panoramic sight for armoured vehicles

Orion provides the armoured vehicle commander with a stabilised panoramic sight for long-range surveillance and target identification, independent of turret orientation. Stabilisation enables on-the-move surveillance and weapon engagement and a wide area surveillance (WAS) mode provides a rapid overview of the surroundings. Enhancement options include automated target detection, tracking, and a laser target designator.

Features and Benefits
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Stabilised Line of Sight - observe or fire on the move
  • Choice of long wave (LWIR) & medium wave (MWIR) thermal Imagers - optimise for the operational environment
  • Two TV sensors - Long Range and Wide Angle
  • Wide Area Surveillance - rapid situational awareness and target detection
  • High Definition video output from all sensors
  • Maximise Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) ranges and field of view, day and night
  • Gigabit Ethernet data and video interface - simple, open standards
  • Data Distribution Service - plug and play integration with vehicle electronic architecture
  • Modular hardware and software architecture - Configurable to meet customer needs
  • Laser Target Designator - Provides indirect fire capability
  • Automated target detection
  • Automated video tracking
  • High resolution crew stations - matched to sensor performance
  • Analogue video & MilCAN control interface - Compatible with older systems
  • Alternative digital video interfaces