Passive Long Range Sonar

Long range passive detection, classification and localization of silent targets, in deep and littoral waters.

  • Long range detection & localization
    Taking full advantage of the physical aperture of the array (length x height).
  • Excellent bearing resolution and bearing discrimination
    Owing to the wide aperture of the array and the use of the Adaptive Beamforming.
  • Low sensitivity to flow noise
    Sustained performance proven at sea up to high operational speeds (> 15 Knots).
  • Easy installation onboard, ideal for upgrades
    Only requires to weld rails on the hull. Use of bolted clamping bows to secure the panels.
  • Easy maintenance and low Life Cycle Cost
    Simple install/un-install procedures.
    High reliability enabling minimum maintenance.



Proven at sea with many NATO and non-NATO Navies, on new-built and upgrade programs (SSN, SSK, SSBN)

Brazil (4)
Chile (2)
French Navy (all submarine Classes, 6 systems at sea + 6 ordered)
India (6)
Malaysia (2)
Another Asian Navy operating in equatorial/tropical environment (4)
Another South-American Navy operating in Pacific Ocean conditions (2)

A large installed base to build on world-wide operational and training experience.


TUS PFAS enables full use of the large available space on the flanks of the submarine to install acoustic arrays of maximum aperture (length x height). The use of Adaptive Beamforming provides a very efficient rejection of the own ship noise and flow noise, which increases detection and classification performances even at high operational speed. Excellent bearing resolution/discrimination also enable increased Target Motion Analysis performance.

A particular highlight of the TUS PFAS is its very reduced baffle which contributes to a large bearing coverage.


System features:

  • For any type of mono-hull submarine
  • Modular design: number of array panels driven by the hull length
  • Stand-Alone or fully integrated in a Sonar Suite


Sub-system features:

  • Fully proven at sea PVDF (polyvinylidene diflouride) Acoustic sensor technology
  • Ultra Thin Panels: Depth < 70 mm
  • Extended bandwidth possible if required
  • Instant localisation due to long array and high bandwith


Typical length up to 27 m, modularly by steps of 0.5 m
Typical Bandwidth up to 6400 Hz
Bearing Discrimination Better than 1° (sources with same SNR)
Bearing Accuracy Better than 0.5° (standard deviation)