Spanish Armed Forces rely on Thales military radio-communications since 25 years

Using the most cutting-edge technologies for a secure battlespace digitization in all combat scenarios, Thales has actively participated in these communications improvements since 1992.
This has been an extremely fruitful partnership between the armed Forces and Thales. Thales has set up a manufacturing, integration and support activity in Spain, becoming the Spanish excellence center for both radio and BMS (Battlefield Management System), and building a close and trusted working relationship with armed forces.
In 2018, the company is celebrating the 25 years of successful deployment of the PR4G radio, which has meant the provision of 12,000 in-service radios and an investment of approximately 300 million Euros.
Currently, Thales continues to serve the Spanish Army thanks to a Framework Agreement going up until 2019, including the awarding of contracts forming part of Services activities (engineering technical assistance, equipment repairs, maintenance, documentation and training support) and Supplies (replacements).
Preparing the future
Thales is preserving its customer’s former investments with an incremental product policy in tactical radio communications namely FASTNET and SYNAPS.
With the new FASTNET GEOMUX capability, the PR4G acquires new levels of performance which include both an increase in the speed at which data is transmitted, as well as allowing for transverse data communications between different radios channels for use with BMS systems.
The new generation of Thales software defined radio, SYNAPS, is at the forefront of radios for the digital transformation of the Armed Forces. The development of these radios provides the tactical network capabilities needed for collaborative combat in real time. The system facilitates the optimal combination of high data speed, security, integrity and confidentiality. It is the only system of its type on the market, and it represents a giant step forward in radio communications for the Armed Forces.
SYNAPS is based on technologies which comply with the latest NATO and international coalition standards. Most notably the ESSOR (European Secure Software Defined Radio) high-speed data standard, developed by the Armed Forces of six European nations (Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden).
SYNAPS has been successfully demonstrated in France in November 2017.

  • About Thales

Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security markets. With 64,000 employees in 56 countries, Thales reported sales of €14.9 billion in 2016. With over 25,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design and deploy equipment, systems and services to meet the most complex security requirements. Its exceptional international footprint allows it to work closely with its customers all over the world.

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