Cornerstone of mobile Ground Based Air Defence

Mobile ground based air defence weapon systems

Fully integrated mobile SHORAD system including C2 interfaces, optronics and surveillance radar,fire control & missile systems.

RAPIDDefender benefits from 40 years of Thales’ background experience in field proven Weapon Systems for French and overseas Armed Forces.

RAPIDDefender is a compact missile system that provides an integrated air defence solution adapted torespond to all kinds of threats in all weather conditions. It is partly composed of an 80km range 3D radar with search-on-the-move capability. This highly mobile system, with a quick reaction time and safe engagement, provides unrivalled performance in its class – the Mach 3.5 + VT1 missile is capable of a 15km interception range.


Operational Benefits

  • High fire power
  • Quick reaction time from detection to destruction:
  • Permanent Protection:
  • Immune to countermeasures
  • Engagement safety

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