Satcom terminals for surface ships

Already selected by Norway, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

  • A full answer to the different n
  • aval satcom needs
  • “Plug and Play” solution for small surface ships and optimised installation for large to medium ships
  • Multiband capacity
  • Single or dual antenna terminals
  • ESM operating mode and anti-jamming capability
  • Automatic antenna handover
  • Easy on-board integration
  • Fully autonomous (integrated gyrocompass and sensors)
  • Can support any COTS or military modems
  • High accuracy 3 axis stabilized system, no keyhole
Thales Group - SURFSAT-L

SURFSAT-L Series Satcom Terminal for Medium/Large Ships
  • C, X, Ku and Ka capabilities
  • Dual-band configurations (X/C, X/Ku, X/Ka, Ku/Ka), silmutaneous or switched
  • Antennas ranging from 1.50 m up to 2.60 m
  • Very high data rate

Thales Group - SURFSAT-S
SURFSAT-S Series Satcom Terminal for Small Surface Ships
  • X, Ku and Ka-band
  • HDR communications for OPVs and Corvettes
  • Antennas ranging from 40 cm up to 1.20 m
  • Dual band optional (antennas of 1 m and above)
  • Fully integrated terminal, easy integration
  • Embedded Environmental Control Unit
  • Low volume, low weight



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