From mobility to surveillance,  target acquisition and designation, Thales is mastering image intensification, infrared and laser technologies to provide field-proven equipment to soldiers. Our optronics offerings for soldiers include Night Vision Goggles, HandHeld Thermal Imager -  SOPHIE Family,  Target Acquisition systems, Laser target designator, UAV’s and other equipment.

Head & Weapon Sights

Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles (NVG) enable mobility by night for soldiers and drivers. The NVG’s offer innovative, low profile and lightweight products as well as connected solutions for soldier systems and optically fused I²/IR solutions for improved detection capability.

Thermal Weapon Sights
A family of medium and long range CECILE thermal weapon sights for precision calibers and heavy machine gun offering both performance and comfort for night precision firing as simple and accurate as by day.


Hand Held Thermal Imagers

Sophie Family Hand Held Thermal imagers and Target Locators
Sophie Hand-Held Thermal Imagers & Target Locators provide day/night observation and accurate target location, from tactical range to long range. The Sophie family offers the widest range of solutions: LWIR (8-12µm) for dirty battlefield and MWIR (3-5µm) for ultimate range in compact packaging, Thermal Imagers (observation) and Target Locators (target detection, identification and location), Long Range (cooled) and Tactical Range (uncooled).

Defence Lasers

Laser Range Finder
Thales has a proven capability in the design and manufacture of laser rangefinder and designator products for a diverse range of operation requirements.

Embracing the latest in innovative technologies, Thales laser rangefinder products include the ultra-compact, microMELT laser rangefinder transceiver, which is suitable for applications where size, weight and power are critical, such as in airborne applications, through to the VELT family of lasers for use in new-build or retrofit Armoured Vehicle Sighting systems.
Laser Target Designator
Being a Ground support to Air Forces could be one of Soldier's missions. Thales offers capabilities to designate target to laser guided weapons through man portable equipment.


UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems)
Thales is Europe's leading industry player in tactical unmanned air systems with a combination of high-definition sensors operating at visible and infrared frequencies, the Spy 'Ranger offers a full day/night reconnaissance and surveillance capability for every type of mission. Thales's sophisticated vision processing algorithms play a key role in enhancing image quality to ensure mission success.

Multi Applications Ruggedised General Optronic Tools for surveillance and reconnaissance.