Thales Group - sonar

Wideband detection and classification of mines. Optimised for the littoral underwater battlespace. Effective against all known mine types, either in production or in development, and particularly against stealth mines.

Main features:

  • The highest resolution hull-mounted minehunting sonar available.
  • Hull mounted high frequency sonar effective to 80 m depth at ranges up to 1000 m.
  • Offers greatly improved MCMV safety when operating in live minefields.
  • Can be operated globally in areas previously considered unsuitable for conventional mine clearance operations.
  • Wideband pulse compression technology allows long range detection and classification of new generation low target strength mines.
  • Improved operability benefits through the combination of advanced Computer Aided Detection (CAD) algorithms with flat screen colour displays mounted in multifunction consoles.
  • Operating modes include search, detection, classification, high resolution classification, route survey and mine avoidance.
  • Fully integrated NAUTIS III Command System.
  • Specifically designed as a retrofit upgrade for minehunters equipped with Sonar 193M.



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