A world leader for over 50 years in the design and manufacture of high precision air defence missiles and fire control systems, Thales has established a heritage of industry hallmarks such as Seacat, Tigercat, Blowpipe, Javelin and Starburst. Our current Thales STAR missiles, VT1 and STARStreak are the fastest SHORAD and VSHORAD missiles in the world today and this recognizes the key time critical requirement of short range air defence. In addition to the shortest time to target VT1 and STARStreak operate on “line of sight” guidance principles that means that the operator is assured that the missile can be launched as soon as the threat is identified, and then will guide to the designated targets.

Unlike higher cost seeker based missile systems VT1 and STARStreak:

  • do not require seeker cool-down and lock-on time before launch
  • cannot be decoyed by countermeasures
  • do not require any regular maintenance and support
  • can be cut down in flight if required.

VT1 – SHORAD missile that can be launched by Thales RAPIDDefender and Thales RAPID SeaGuardian systems. MACH 3.5 velocity with RF all weather guidance and range of 15km. STARStreak – VSHORAD missile can be launched from the Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) and Thales RAPIDRanger. Greater than MACH 3 velocity, triple dart configuration for highest levels of lethality and range of >7km. Cost of ownership is low as the missiles require no maintenance through life, they have a minimum 15yr shelf life and high reliability is assured – meeting strict and exacting qualification standards including insensitive Munitions compliance.