Key Features :


  • Laser designation function provides a day/night smart weapons guidance capability
  • Full suite of sensors for navigation and air-to-air target identification roles.
  • Mid-wave infrared sensor performs effectively in warm and/or humid conditions and provides day/night small target recognition at medium range as well as a long-distance reconnaissance capability
  • FLIR imagery is displayed in the pilot’s head-up display.


Damocles is currently in service on a range of platforms with France and a number of countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia and will continue to evolve and co-exist in aircraft fleets alongside the next generations of optronic systems.


Its modular design allows for future upgrades, including integral image-processing software, additional display information and an optional bi-directional data-link to exchange imagery with ground forces.
Thales Group - damocles pod
Thales Group - damocles pod











Detect enemy aircraft while being undetected and immune to jamming.

Our products :

-PIRATE Passive InfraRed Airborne Tracking Equipment


Thales Group - PIRATE


-FSO Front Sector Optronic




Thales Group - FSO



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