• Tactical range surveillance and target acquisition
  • Day and Night + Adverse conditions
  • Ability to see through barriers such as vegetation, camouflage netting...
  • More than 3000 in-service worldwide
  • Free from US export control
  • Spectral band: 8-12μm (LWIR)
  • Uncooled technology
  • Full MIL Spec


Our products

  • TIM-TR Thermal Imaging Module – Tactical Range

Key Benefits:
• Single or Dual Field of View
• Compact and lightweight, easy integration: 196 x 136 x 136 mm


  • TIM-LR Thermal Imaging Module DFoV – Long Range

Key Benefits:
• Uncooled ultimate range performance, latest generation uncooled
detector, 17 μm pitch
• Dual Field of View, wide FoV for urban operation/situational awareness

  • TIM-UL Thermal Imaging Module – Ultra Lite

Key Benefits:
• Ideal for ultra-lite Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
• Wide Field of View for urban operation/situational awareness
• Up to 4x e-Zoom to get all benefit from high resolution sensor