1) The safest helmet

Headworn weight: 1.45 kg without O² mask
Optimized balance
Qualified windblast 625 Kts
Unlimited peripheral vision
Large eye relief compatible with prescription glasses
Laser protection

2) Improved technologies

High precision customized helmet fit
Worldwide spread Head Tracking System
Micro display technology

3) Modular design

One basic helmet per pilot
One display module per seat
Night vision capability
Reduced cost of ownership

4) Qualified and flight proven

Qualified on Mirage 2000-5 and MiG-29
Selected by French Air Force and Dassault on Mirage 2000-5
Selected by MiG Corporation to equip MiG-29 K for the Indian Navy

5) Technical features

Monocular 20°
Visor projection
Video recording

A force multiplier for fighter

-Time and energy saving, missile firing opportunity increase
-Situation awareness improvement
-Safety and operational effectiveness enhanced by the dual seater L.O.S. management.