The next generation Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio

The world’s 1st simultaneous 2-channel handheld radio.

  • Leap-ahead technology: 2 radios in 1 form factor
  • Leverages technologies based on the AN/PRC- 148 (narrowband) and AN/PRC-154 (wideband) radios
  • Retains the existing AN/PRC-148 Type-1 capabilities and waveforms
  • Adds a second wideband channel to the AN/PRC-148 to provide networking, data and video
  • True simultaneous narrowband and wideband operations
  • Retains interoperability with existing fielded radios
  • Supports fielded AN/PRC-148 ancillaries


Thales Group - MBITR2
MBITR2 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio
  • Provides ability to integrate into the wideband tactical IP and voice network via the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) while simultaneously maintaining legacy reach-back via the narrowband channel
  • Support other MANET wideband waveform
  • Embedded GPS
Frequency range:
  • Narrowband channel: 30-512 MHz
  • Wideband channel:
- 25-450 MHz
- 1250-1390 MHz
- 1750-1850 MHz 

Thales Group - AN/PRC-148 FMV-MM
AN/PRC-148 FMV-MM Full-Motion Video Receiver Mission Module

Smallest video data link analog/digital receiver available today

  • Software-defined, next generation technology
  • Simultaneous FMV and TX/RX combat net operation
  • L, S, C and Ku-band analog and digital feeds
  • Battle proven: Thales JEM, fielded full motion video receiver technologies
  • No need for additional handheld sized full motion video receiver


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