A comprehensive range of Peripherals and Ancillaries

All the tools to build easily communication systems.

Thales Combat Net Radios come with all the necessary tools to be efficiently configured, deployed, operated and installed in communication systems and networks.


WATCHER Radio Remote Control
  • WATCHER is a remote control for PR4G F@stnet, HF 3000 Skyf@st, FlexNet
  • It enables to control a radio through wireless transmission (bluetooth) or a cable
  • Compact and lightweight, WATCHER has been designed for use under severe conditions
  • Easy control of radio in the backpack



Peripherals and Ancillaries for Radios
  • Remote control
  • Battery and battery loaders
  • Bags
  • Antennas
  • Fill-guns
  • Headphones
  • Power supplies
  • Support mounting