In many of the Group’s countries of operation, Thales companies have a prominent role in the community and are major players in the local economy and employment market. Thales staff throughout the world support their local communities in a variety of ways, particularly through youth promotion projects and educational programmes.

Support to local communities

A Thales entity specialising in regeneration programmes (GERIS) has been in operation in France for some 20 years, supporting new employment opportunities in areas affected by industrial job losses, and making its expertise available to other companies, as well as SMEs/SMIs and local authorities, with the following aims:

  • support plans to create sustainable jobs within local SMEs/SMIs,
  • help to create an equivalent number of new jobs to replace jobs lost due to restructuring measures,
  • provide advice, loans and grants to companies,
  • help to stimulate the local economy.

Investing in education

Thales is investing in education. The Group has established numerous partnerships with educational establishments to promote its disciplines and areas of specialisation, encourage young people to make appropriate training choices, and stay in touch with students to share knowledge and experience.
Thales has an active policy of supporting disabled individuals. A number of initiatives are aimed in particular at young disabled people, such as internships and access to educational partnerships. Thales is also committed to the development of innovative technologies that bring practical benefits to disabled employees.

Supporting charity initiatives

The Group supports a number of community and charity initiatives around the world, most of them involving locally based child health and education programmes.

Thales and five other companies established HANVOL, an association to promote training and integration of young people with disabilities in the aerospace industry. The Group is a member of Fondation Villette-Entreprises, which supports corporate partnership projects with museums such as the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

United Kingdom
Through its Charitable Trust, Thales and its employees support numerous charities, including Marie Curie Cancer Care, YouthNet, or The Railway Children.

Thales sponsors a number of local charities. The company helps finance museums such as the local Museum of Technology and the Nautical Museum.

Thales has a multi-year partnership with Legacy, one of Australia’s oldest charitable institutions. The charity looks after widows, children and disabled dependants. The company also supports Young Endeavour, a charity that helps troubled youth.

United States of America
Through the Charitable Contribution Committee, Thales and its employees support several organisations such as the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Under the Thales Commitment programme, the company continued to support community organisations and charities, especially those in which its employees have a direct involvement, through monetary and material donations (Theodora Foundation, Médicos sin Fronteras, Niños con cancer, África Directo, Asociación Crezer, Solidaridad/Educación/Desarrollo).

Thales supports United Way Centraide, the country’s largest provider of funds for charitable organisations as well as True Patriot Love charity, which helps wounded soldiers and their families