Dubai Airshow

Thales at the Dubai Air Show


From 12-16 November, Thales will participate in the Dubai Air Show at booth 746.

The Dubai Air Show, one of the largest and most important military, general and commercial aviation exhibitions in the world, kicked off this weekend. From 12-16 November, Thales is present to showcase its latest aerospace innovations to over 66,000 visitors from 68 countries.

Thales has a longstanding presence in both aviation and the Middle East. Today and for the past 45 years, governments, airports, airlines, satellite operators, pilots, crews and passengers in the region and beyond rely on Thales to make flights safer, easier and more efficient. From providing world-class in-flight entertainment and connectivity services to airlines including Emirates, Gulf Air, Saudi Airlines, Etihad and Oman Air to supporting air forces, Thales connects all parts of the avionics ecosystem.

Here are some of the key Thales solutions presented at this year’s Dubai Air Show.

The Force Multiplier makes its debut

Announced during the Paris Air Show last June, PAL Aerospace and Thales will officially launch their jointly developed Force Multiplier at the Dubai Air Show. Equipped with a SEARCHMASTER® multirole radar and an AMASCOS® airborne multi-mission system, the new operational aircraft platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of both maritime and ground surveillance.
From fighting trafficking and illegal fishing to anti-surface and anti-submarine operations, the Force Multiplier and its integrated systems provide clients with new and reliable ways to conduct a range of missions in complex conditions.

Drone technologies

Another surveillance innovation taking centre stage in Dubai is the Spy’Ranger, the ‘eye in the sky’ for contact units and operators of critical infrastructure such as airports. The mini-drone, which comes with the only imaging system in the world capable of transmitting high-definition electro-optical and infrared imagery in real time, represents the latest generation of airborne intelligence, surveillance and security.

But as the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS’s) such as the Spy’Ranger grows rapidly, new solutions are also needed to ensure the safety, security and privacy of everyone in increasingly crowded skies. With the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) application, also on display at the Dubai Air Show, Thales responds to this need. Integrating geospatial and drone registry information with airspace rules, UTM determines which vehicle can fly in which areas. For a future where UAS’s will be as common as standard aircraft are today, Thales is developing the systems to help civil authorities and drone operators accomplish their missions by enabling the safe and cost-effective use of drones in civilian air traffic.

Creating value through digital technologies

In line with the acceleration of the Group’s digital transformation, digital technologies are at the heart of numerous solutions presented by Thales at this year’s Dubai Air Show.

Already an established provider of in-flight entertainment, Thales is now drawing on connectivity and big data analytics to further improve the passenger experience. Combining satellite and high-speed ground to air communications, Thales equipment is making it possible to stay connected while in the air—and to personalise your online, in-flight experience more than ever before.

Cognisant of the fact that in addition to an enhanced customer experience, new technologies can also create inadvertent industrial vulnerabilities, aviation cybersecurity is a key focus area of the digital transformation in Thales’s aerospace activities. Last week, the Atlantic Council published a report on cybersecurity in the aviation industry that was underwritten by Thales. It can be read in full here.

Reflecting a unique diversity of talents and expertise, these and other solutions presented by Thales at the Dubai Air Show enable the Group to help its civil and defence aerospace clients make the best decisions in the most critical moments—whether it is on the ground, in the air or in cyberspace.

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