Thales stands alongside land forces at every decisive moment

As a trusted partner for players at all levels, we help armed forces to prepare for, achieve and maintain tactical superiority and strategic independence over any form of threat, on land or sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace.

Eurosatory 2018 will be an opportunity for Thales to demonstrate its unique capabilities in the land domain. As a Group that covers all aspects of land forces operations, we have the ability to build smart functions into all systems, as well as designing fully integrated platforms. In particular, Thales has the expertise needed to devise and develop complex end-to-end solutions, incorporating sensors, communications, mission systems, command and decision support, control and coordination of operations and effectors.

Thanks to its positioning at the meeting point of the four major technologies driving digital transformation (connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity), Thales offers customers a decisive technological advantage, particularly in terms of information superiority. This combination of technological superiority and interoperability enables Thales – and its customers – to adapt rapidly to developments in the military sphere, as forces move towards more collaborative ground combat, with associated benefits in terms of speed of execution and coordinated action.
Thales stands alongside the land forces, whatever the challenge, and demonstrates its support through two commitments:
  • An in-depth understanding of operational needs: Based on extensive experience of working with demanding operational partners, Thales solutions and equipment are tailored to the needs of land forces, and combine quality, efficiency, reliability and resilience. Thales understands the complexity of air/land operations, and the effort that needs to be focused on force protection and security.
  • Long-term support: Thales provides its customers with sustainable solutions and capabilities as part of a service-oriented approach, with the emphasis on dependability, endurance, in-service support and adaptability.
At Thales, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women whose ambition is to protect citizens and make the world safer.

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