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The world’s most advanced multi-function passive Threat Warning System

The system, which has been independently verified by testing on the ground and in the air, through live firing trials carried out by the UK’s Ministry of Defence, uses infrared sensors to detect multiple and simultaneous threats. It can be fitted to almost any new or existing platform, including helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, fast jets and unmanned air systems. It is suitable for civilian as well as military applications.

“Elix-IR is the world’s most advanced multi-function, passive threat warning system. It can see further, see more, react more quickly and detect a greater variety and number of simultaneous threats than any other system,” said external communications manager Alan Rae. “It’s more accurate, too.”

Powerful threat detection

Elix-IR represents a step change in threat detection systems. Ideal for complex and challenging environments with degraded visual conditions, Elix-IR can detect and prioritise concurrent threats from shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles (also known as ‘man-portable air-defence systems, or ManPADS), vehicle-launched missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire from small- to large- calibre weapons.
Ready for anything, anytime

As well as detecting and prioritising multiple threats, Elix-IR can provide a 3600 panoramic view around the aircraft for enhanced situational awareness. This is particularly useful when mounted on an unmanned air system or fed into a helmet mounted device.

Upgrades are carried out with software, rather than hardware, reducing the cost of ownership and making sure that Elix-IR is ready to protect aircraft and crew from the widest possible range of threats both now and in the future.

Available for export

Elix-IR can be connected via a Common Defensive Aid System / Defensive Aid System and is compliant with the proposed NATO interface standard.

The sale of Elix-IR is not restricted by ‘International Traffic in Arms Regulations’, making this affordable yet powerful multi-threat detection system available for export.

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