Who can tackle Thales’s rugby scrum simulator?

Ahead of the annual Six Nations rugby tournament, Adidas has chosen the simulator to front its promotional campaign in France.

“A rugby scrum simulator has escaped from Marcoussis (the French rugby HQ)! With the whole country behind them, the French team will defy the machine!” This is the angle of the Adidas campaign which transforms Thales’s revolutionary scrum simulator into a mechanical extra-terrestrial!

The campaign is based around a series of adverts, some of which have already been launched on YouTube, and will be promoted via the sport equipment maker’s Facebook page. In the run up to the Six Nations tournament, the advert will also be shown nationwide on television.

Watch the adverts on YouTube:

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For more information on Thales’s rugby scrum simulator, see the press release (right hand side) that accompanied its initial delivery to the French Rugby Federation.