Thales is helping cities to step up to the challenge of growing urbanisation by delivering city wide solutions that offer better and more integrated transport, safety, and security infrastructure that increases efficiency and improves quality of life.

Ensuring safe urban growth through leading urban security solutions

More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, and in 2025 there will be 5 billion people living in cities. To find the right balance between urban growth and security, city authorities need scalable long-term solutions to share information and coordinate resources more efficiently.

Thales offers a comprehensive new urban security concept covering the broadest possible range of threats — crime, social unrest, terrorist attacks and industrial accidents and natural disasters. The Thales solution involves deploying integrated systems to share and pull together information from multiple sources. A command-and-control centre systematically analyses all of this information and coordinates security services and emergency responders in the event of an incident or crisis.



  • Smart City
    Thales offers customers a range of solutions for smart cities.
  • Sécurité urbaine
    Thales is helping governments and organisations across the world make citizens’ lives safer, developing intelligent, integrated security solutions while guaranteeing the continuity of public services, on both a daily basis and in times of crisis.
  • Making major events safer: a challenge worthy of Thales solutions
    Innovative and tailor-made solutions for major events security.
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