Thales has significant credentials in the Maritime Security and Safety (MSS) market and leverages on the core Thales business areas of Security and Mission Critical systems worldwide :

  • A unique vision based on understanding the Customers operational needs, based on a team of maritime experts (Navy, Coast Guards…), previously in charge of Maritime Safety and Security Operations. Each maritime solution is tailored to the specific operational requirements of the related missions and users
  • Modular Maritime Solutions: Open architecture allows to integrate new equipments, information systems, all existing customer legacies (equipment, existing assets and infra structures), interoperation with external systems and databases, and to meet changing operational requirements with easy upgrade capability
  • A collaborative approach supported by multi-domestic presence to ensure adequate level of service and anticipate future needs (domestic presence, Transfer of Technology and long term local partnership experience)

Thales masters all the segments of the MSS domain, including Maritime Traffic Safety, Sensitive Asset Protection, Maritime Surveillance and Coordination of information, systems and operations.

Maritime traffic safety systems

With today’s increasing maritime traffic, ensuring the safety of people, goods and vessels from port of departure to final destination requires solutions to help respond to collision prevention and response, pollution prevention and response, and search and rescue. Thales maritime traffic safety systems offer the following benefits to customers :

  • Integrated Vessel Traffic Service
  • Navigational risk detection to support operators
  • Mission planning tools with multiple stakeholders
  • Improved resource allocation for greater efficiency and cost savings

Critical asset protection systems

The protection of people, goods and assets -  such as harbours, Oil & Gas infrastructures (off-shore platforms, FPSO…), vessels, and naval bases - is crucial. Land and waterside open areas, scattered facilities and responsibilities, and the complex flow of people, goods and vessels, are challenges that also need to be responded to. Thales has the answer to these requirements and provides its clients  with integrated systems from detection to offering :

  • Comprehensive protection (underwater, surface, land, air)
  • Correlation with intelligence data
  • Information management to support the man in the loop
  • >ISPS compliance
  • No disruption of economic activity
  • Increased operational efficiency

Maritime surveillance systems

Authorities need to protect interests in Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), territorial waters, rivers and lakes against resource plundering, smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy, and terrorism. They also need to tackle the challenges of large and unrestricted navigational areas, small and non-cooperative objects taking advantage of dense maritime activity to conceal their actions, the need for increased detection notice, interactions with multiple resources and agencies, and complex legal aspects. Thales’s integrated solutions, spanning  from detection to response,  include the following key capabilities to support maritime surveillance:

  • Comprehensive Maritime Operational Picture based on networks of sensor sites and centres (local, regional…)
  • Full coverage with wide choice of platforms (coastal, airborne, satellite…) depending on operational requirements
  • Correlation with intelligence data
  • Abnormal behaviour detection to support operators
  • Integration of assets (patrol boats, helicopters, aircrafts…)
  • Improved resource allocation for greater efficiency and cost savings

Coordination of information, systems and operations

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, joint surveillance and operations involving multiple sources of information, geographical areas and responsibilities are ever more common. Combined efforts are undertaken for operations such as crisis management (e.g. oil spill) or the fight against organised crime (smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy, terrorism…). The success of joint actions relies on the ability to anticipate and respond to events affecting or taking advantage of multiple locations and responsibility areas, preserve the individual vision and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, keep control of information ownership, and to sort and present the relevant information to the right operator. Thales’s integrated solutions, based on Service Oriented Architecture and web services, allows for:

  • Selective Data Dissemination, on a need-to-know basis, to support multi agency cooperation
  • Comprehensive Maritime Operational Picture based on multiple systems and databases
  • Access to services (weather, environment, intelligence…)
  • Improved notice and response, for greater mission efficiency and cost savings