Thales launches Every Talk, the first ruggedized high-speed smartphone for security forces

Tetra World Congress, Budapest – Thales announces the launch of Every Talk, the first ruggedized Push-to-Talk Terminal to add broadband capabilities to existing Professional Mobile Radio networks used by many user groups, such as public safety, transportation and utilities.

The future of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) involves not only voice communication and text messaging but also multimedia services such as data, images, video, live feeds, face recognition and database queries. With the Thales Every Talk smartphone, all these services are available in a single pocket-size device!

Every Talk rounds out the Thales range of TeMax solutions launched two years ago. TeMax is a full end-to-end broadband solution, encompassing the network infrastructure (base station and core network) and now terminals. It is an innovative communication system acting as an “application booster” over standard TETRA network. This Broadband connectivity enables the integration of multimedia applications and the exchange of large volumes of data. Or to put it another way, TeMax is to PMR networks what 4G is to consumer GSM networks.

Jean-Michel Lagarde, Vice President in charge of Thales’s Network & Infrastructure Systems activities: "We are very proud to launch the first ruggedized PTT broadband terminal on the market dedicated to security forces. It confirms our positioning in the field of Professional Mobile Radios as a major actor, providing innovative, flexible and scalable solutions enabling broadband applications for mission-critical users, both civil and military.”

In a high mobility context during action, Every Talk allows users to send real-time video, access remote databases (e.g. identity, stolen cars), download situational information (such as access maps, building floor plans), and download and share pictures as well as GPS-based positions.
Victoire Chartier, Media relations Transportation
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