Video Management System



New generation of Video Management System for critical infrastructure protection, ground transportation and urban security needs


• Comprehensive VMS system providing camera integration, recording, video content analysis and state of the art HMI for video stream visualization, rapid response to alarms and mission preparation

• Fully modular solution enhancing the total cost of ownership

• Legacy systems (i.e. analog camera) can be integrated to maximize assets life cycle

• Interface with external application (GIS, supervision, third party security systems…)

• Based on proven existing building blocks developed internally

• Open, modular and hardware agnostic

• Management of all video format and content analysis algorithm

• Metadata management and query engine for efficient post analysis (forensics)

• Full security features: integrity, confidentiality, privacy…

• Fully compliant with international standards (ISO TC223, CEITC79, EN 50132-5)



Video Management System Platform: key features


• Data conversion from legacy formats to common format

• Simultaneous reading and recording of video streams in any format

• State of the art Web HMI technology

• Addition of contextual information and direct control in the video display