In 2007, for the first time, more than half of the world's population lived in urban areas. This unprecedented shift will increase in the years ahead. Thales has been helping ensure the security of people in megacities around the globe for over 15 years. As a leader in mission critical systems and services, Thales draws on this experience to put together intelligent and integrated security solutions that meet the dual challenge of protecting the public and delivering government services so that citizens can live better together in the 21st century.

Thales's innovative approach goes beyond simply installing control and surveillance equipment. Instead, we offer a comprehensive urban security concept covering a broad range of threats, including industrial and natural disasters, social unrest and terrorist attacks.

Thales solutions are based on the principle of implementing integrated systems for managing incidents and coordinating the response of emergency services (police, fire and ambulance services, private operators, etc.). These systems enable everyone involved to share, exchange and converge information from multiple sources via an integrated operation control centre, which analyses the data gathered and provides valuable decision support, especially regarding the flow of people.

Thales offers large-scale security systems to protect citizens by providing continuity of public service activities in both every day life and in times of crisis:

• Hypervision, C2, C4I for incident and resource management

• GIS, localization services

• Video management systems

• Unified communication infrastructures

• Synthetic environment

Key Thales expertise

• Strength in interoperability and large systems integration

• Strong expertise in coordination of police, fire brigades and emergency services

• Key capabilities in information and public awareness

• Strong technical expertise in security solutions

• Strong portfolio of key enabling technologies and key business applications

Sharing, exchanging and converging multi-source data (voice, data and video)

• Enabling interoperability between multi-operator communication and security networks
• Collecting and converging information for real-time management and post-analysis

Providing real-time information for public authorities

• Providing situational awareness
• Providing timely alerts to enhance crisis management

Communicating with remote forces using seamless systems

• Identifying and coordinating all available resources
• Exchanging relevant information to enhance incident management
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