Tailored support packages

Thales offers a full range of services to help customers define their priorities and describe their concepts of operations, develop the best solutions for their cities and operate them to best effect. Tailored support packages include planning support as well as operational services such as system administration and hosting, additional software development, performance tracking and procedure refinement, hotline support and operator training in simulated “live” immersive environments.

Thales solutions include conventional architectures incorporating legacy assets, secure cloud architectures relying on the latest virtualisation technologies, and platform maintenance and cyber protection to support customer-operated services. Many of Thales’s operational services are also now available through new delivery models (e.g. video surveillance as a service)

In addition, with Thales solutions, city authorities and agencies have access to an open data platform to develop web-based and mobile services, keeping the public informed in real time, remaining transparent and accountable to their stakeholders and sustaining the trust of the citizens they serve and protect.

Thales Group - Integrated and scalable urban security solutions

Emergency Management System

  • Support preparation of contingency plans
  • Definition and execution of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Management of call taking with incident qualification
  • Enables collaboration between agencies with shared geographic-based information system

Dispatch and management of security forces

  • Shared and collaborative situational awareness
  • Real-time incident and resource management with decision support
  • Seamless integration of mission critical secure communications (voice, video and data)
  • Geo-localised resources delivered via mobile applications
  • Case Folder Management System provides subsequent supporting legal evidence

Mobile Command & Control

  • Deployable operation room
  • Large event management with outposts mobile units
  • Fully integrated secure solution throughout the field area including PMR tactical cell coverage and micro UAV capability

Apps for intervention forces

  • Secure communication with large bandwidth for video, voice and data exchange
  • Immediate understanding of the situation using enriched map display
  • Incident detection and alert, law enforcement mobile features

Video surveillance and sensor systems

  • Modular, scalable CCTV network deployment
  • Video management and recording systems including geo-referenced mapping tools
  • Integration of legacy systems and any kind of sensors (traffic, gunshot detectors, CBRN, etc.)
  • Mission oriented application including a simulator mode for “live” operational training

Video analytics

  • Real-time analytics to support operations (crowd management, law enforcement, traffic surveillance, etc.)
  • Forensic video analysis solutions dedicated to police forces and homeland security organisations
  • Mobile or fixed platform to collect, index, store and operate video data
  • Automatic event classification and alert system

Citizen applications

  • Open, secure platform enables development of citizen apps
  • City performance indicators show improvements
  • Mobile services drive citizen interaction and empowerment

Leverage Big Data

  • Built-in data collection and data warehouse capability
  • Analysis of all data (voice, video, text, image) to determine tactical and strategic urban security priorities
  • Decision analysis tool helps planners to develop urban security schemes

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