Spacebus 4000 Platform

Spacebus 4000 Platform

For advanced telecommunications via satellite.

The Spacebus 4000 is a medium-class telecommunication satellite (launch mass from 3000 kg for the B2 version to 5900 kg for the C4 version) with a strong successful flight heritage and proposed with a realistic and safe manufacturing schedule. It can easily accommodate a large range of payloads in every band (Ku, C, Ka, X, S, L) to satisfy customer needs. Thales Alenia Space offers a high reliability to the customer and an attractive price.

Key Features

  • Telecommunication Satellite; launch mass from 3000 to 5900 kg; Solar Array power up to 15,8 kW
  • Payload power up to 11,6 kW, typically 80 to 100 active channels with medium RF power (105/110W in Ku band); standard equipment and system designs available in Ku/C and Ka frequency bands; other frequency bands (X, S, L) can be proposed
  • Realistic and safe manufacturing schedule (typically 27 à 33 months on ground delivery); attractive price
  • Accommodation antenna (from 2.4 m to 3.2 x 2.4 m); Flight proven units (payload and platform)
  • Design, manufacturer and test with an experienced teams for system and equipment management
  • Large successful experience in Orbit (6 more models under manufacturing)
  • Outstanding reputation for the quality of the Thales Alenia Space products (ISO 9001 successful audit in September 2003)
  • Launch capability demonstrated with all available launchers Avionics 4000: 100V bus

Key Benefits

  • Payload flexibility for customer requirements: Platform can accommodate different payloads without significant cost and schedule impacts
  • Risk management and reliability: Experience in orbit; Satellite functions are fully tested before launch; Secured engineering process
  • Relationship with customer: Full visibility can be offered during development as required by customers; Continuous improvement to correct anomalies in orbit

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