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SPOT LUCY and win

Photograph contest official terms and conditions

Official Contest Rules



Any person entering the contest (“Contestant”) must be 18 years or older on or before Friday, September 02, 2022, to be eligible. 



During the contest period from September 02, 0.00am through Sept 09, 2022, 6.00pm (“Contest Period”) – valid contest entries with the “#spotlucy” will be accepted via Instagram.
Any Contestant must 
      (i)    upload a photograph of Thales LUCY train (fully or partially shown but with THALES logo and/or Lucy littering visible) in its original size;
      (ii)   ensure that no person is identifiable in the photo; and
      (iii) hashtag the photo(s) using “#spotlucy”
      (iv)  tag and follow @thales_deutschland
Each time a Contestant tags a photograph with the “#spotlucy” hashtag, the Contestant is agreeing to comply with these Official Contest Rules and all such submittals that comply with these Official Contest Rules. 
Photographs with the hashtag “#spotlucy” may be submitted by Contestants via Instagram.Thales Deutschland GmbH (hereinafter “Thales”) receives a right to use any photograph in its sole and absolute discretion and according to the section USE OF IMAGES & DISCLAIMER below (except as prohibited by applicable law and per the terms of these Official Contest Rules). Photographs will be made available exclusively online (on Instagram) and will not be returned to the Contestant.




Using the “#spotlucy”, Thales will search/generate all the photographs with this tag and the winner will be selected based on the photograph with the most likes at the end of the Contest Period. Likes which have been withdrawn before the end of the Contest Period will not be considered. Likes after the Contest Period will not be considered.




Photographers have to respect all safety policies and right-of-way boundaries when photographing LUCY, the train. Any photographs that appear to have been taken while trespassing on the relevant right-of-way or violating other Railroad safety policies will be disqualified. Safety violations include but are not limited to:

  • Trespassing within the Railroad right-of-way, including standing on the tracks or within the right-of-way (typically 100 feet on either side of the tracks)
  • Violations of Railroad onboard safety policies
  • Any other rules or instructions that might be given orally or in writing by Thales employees or agents or by any other competent personnel which is e.g. supervising the tracks (such as Deutsche Bahn AG or the like) 




Entry into the contest is free. There are no limits in the number of entries.




Thales does not condone participation in any cheating activities for this or any of their contests. A prize won by way of cheating (in whatever form and to whatever extent) has to be returned immediately to Thales or – if a return is not possible – compensated vis-à-vis Thales.




All entries compete for a grand prize. The winner according to the Judging Criteria above will win

  • a 2nd class round trip ticket to Berlin (from a German city) via train including 
  • 1-day access to InnoTrans with a VIP tour of our booth
  • the opportunity to get aboard Lucy at InnoTrans fair 2022 to experience the rolling lab up close and chat with Thales experts about technologies powering Lucy, whereas details are determined by Thales and to be coordinated between Thales and the winner




Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. All Contestants agree that Thales has the non-exclusive, regionally, temporally and content-wise unlimited and free of charge right to use the Contestants’ photographs in the context of the contest and to announce a post-contest publication for marketing, promotional or merchandise purposes including any media such as exhibitions, print, digital and social media directly related to Thales. 

Contestants represent and warrant that (1) the photographs are original and that they own the rights to their photographs, (2) the photographs do not violate the rights of any third party and are not unlawful, offensive or have any other disputable contents, (3) the photographs do not convey a false or misleading impression, and (4) any additional information they submit about the photographs is accurate. Standard trademark rules apply to all photographs and use of the Thales logo.



The winner will be notified before the official announcement online following the below timeline. Non-winners will not be notified.
InnoTrans access Ticket will be sent as a digital pass per email.
Train e-ticket will be sent via email after receiving a starting station within Germany from the winner.




Open submission begins: Friday, September 02, 2022, 0.00 am
Submission deadline: Friday, September 09, 2022, 6.00 pm
Winner announced: On or around Tuesday, September 13, 2022


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