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Important Hungarian railway line modernized with Thales technology

  • Thales has equipped the 110 km single-track line between Sopron and Szentgotthárd with its state-of-the-art European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 under contract with GYSEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway), a Hungarian-Austrian railway company. 
  • The application of advanced ETCS technology and automation will ensure highest safety and punctuality and enables increased capacity through situation-based adaptation of speed limits. 
  • GYSEV, the Hungarian-Austrian railway company, provides passenger’s services in the border regions of both countries to approximately 7,8 million people and handles a freight performance of approximately 550.000.000 tonne-kilometres per year in Austria and Hungary.
  • Thales has more than 30 years of experience in Hungary and has established itself as the market leader in the field of signalling technology

 Thales has been the leader on the Hungarian rail control market for over 30 years with nearly 60 railway station interlockings and over 400km of track equipped with the European Train Control System ETCS.  In order to modernize the railway infrastructure and enhance efficiency and safety, the 110 km single-track line between Sopron and Szentgotthárd has been equipped with ETCS Level 2. In close cooperation with the rail operator GYSEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway) the project has been successfully completed.

This line serves as an important link for commuters in western Hungary to the economically important cities of Sopron and Szombathely and provides a crucial connection to Austria. With the implementation of Thales’ European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2, travel by train on this line is now faster than driving the car, even under normal traffic conditions. This has made the train an even more attractive alternative for travellers by reducing travel time. Thales has introduced a new interface that brings more convenience and efficiency for GYSEV. By integrating data from an existing track capacity planning tool into the secure ETCS user interface, information such as location or duration of construction activities is imported automatically, resulting in automatically suggested Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSR) for the dispatcher. The use of advanced ETCS technology and automation ensures highest level of safety and punctuality and enables increased capacity through situation-based adaption of speed limits. 

“Between 2005-2010, Thales installed 10 electronic interlockings between Sopron and Szentgotthárd, laying an important foundation for the trusted and cooperative relationship between Thales and GYSEV. GYSEV was the first Hungarian rail operator to receive the final certificate from the state authorities to operate ETCS Level 2, paving the way for future modern rail operations, with a specific focus on quality for passengers. Thales is proud to support GYSEV on this journey towards a sustainable mobility for tomorrow.” - György Mikics, Managing Director, Tranport, Thales in Hungary

Close cooperation between signalling experts from Hungary and Austria plays a major role in creating high-quality infrastructure and operating conditions GYSEV. This enables the railway operators to deliver high reliability, safety and comfort with improved life cycle cost, providing value, efficiency and attractiveness for both passengers and freight.