• Meet Thales at the UIC ERTMS World Conference in Istanbul

    Meet Thales at the UIC ERTMS World Conference in Istanbul

    Getting the most out of ERTMS starts with choosing the right supplier.

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  • LET’S MEET AT MetroRail 2014 1-2 April

    Business Design Centre, Islington, London

    Meet us at Thales stand 12, find out more about our urban transport capabilities and references.

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  • Slider Rail & Public Transport

    Rail & Public Transport

    Transport authorities and operators are meeting today's challenges with Thales’ intelligent, high-value solutions. Smart, information-driven rail signalling technology significantly increases capacity, safety and security.

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  • Slider Road


    By removing the need to stop and pay and for roll-through tollbooths to collect cash, electronic ticketing and contactless technology beats the bottlenecks on highways, tunnels and bridges.

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  • 2013: The Year in Transportation

    2013: The Year in Transportation

    In 2013 Thales’s transportation activity achieved a great number and variety of successes. These were driven in large part by the strong demand present in the sector for both the creation and modernisation of transport infrastructure. Thales is currently the world’s no. 2 supplier of IT-based critical transport systems.