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For mainline train control, ETCS (European Train Control System) L2 uses GSM-R as radio data bearer.

For urban train control, CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) is based on secure WiFi. 

Operations for rail operators need secure and reliable communications, this is why Thales provides Tetra network in stations and for on-board operations: emergency calls, public address, etc.

For the security of passengers and operations, LAN and secure WiFi serve real-time videosurveillance in-station and on-board, site protection, emergency call-points…

The mobile workforce grows by 6% every year. Mobile workers need to connect their smartphones and tablets everywhere anytime. Offering broadband radios or Internet access provision in station and on-board as Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, is required today for passengers’ convenience. 

Other secured networks via WiFi or LAN support the public announcement, the passenger information and the entertainment in station and on-board.

Thales takes also care of the state-of-the art telecom backbone integration, base of all communication networks for all transport applications and for all ground transport environments.

A complete multi-service telecom network for efficient and safe transport operations

Key benefits:

  • Upstream, end-to-end design of all telecom infrastructure, supporting mainline rail, urban rail & LRT operations and ensuring availability, reliability, performance & security for the transport communications.
  • Pre-selected partners and suppliers for pre-integrated qualified and tested equipment ensure best fit for transport.
  • Internal solutions for key components & technologies leverage Thales strong position in security-related communications
  • Supporting train control: Continuous communications with high availability and protected data 
  • No service interruption proven by an extensive installation experience 
  • Ability to migrate from old to new systems and to integrate and ensure consistency of different technologies
  • Supporting transport specific requirements such as tunnels, speed, confined spaces, critical services, CCTV…
  • Supported by dedicated competence and integration centers, our worldwide customer services support is close to you with local teams adhering to your safety and security processes


Understand the roles of communications applied to ground transport by clicking on the videos links below.

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