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LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is an electronic interlocking system (ESTW) designed for meeting the highest safety requirements. For approximately 20 years it has been successfully operated by national and international customers in both mainline/high-speed railway networks and urban rail networks. LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 systems currently in service switch over 20,000 signals and more than 8,000 points.

LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is a crucial element of the network infrastructurefor railway operators for optimising network throughput, on-time operations and life cycle costs.

The highest levels of safety and availability, functions allowing farreaching

automation of the operations and easy integration into existing network structures are among the most important assets contributing to the success of LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90.

LockTrac 6111 ESTW L90 is acknowledged as a well proven technology which will be consistently further developed within the framework of the technological evolution.

Key Benefits

  • Highest safety level SIL 4
  • High availability by 2-out-of-3 computer architecture
  • Support of LCC optimisations
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures both on the field level and on the operating level
  • System scalability
  • Flexible switching distances
  • Large scope of functions including high flexibility of customer
  • adaptation

  • Year-long well-proven system with consistent technology evolution