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Thales’ advanced supervision solutions make complex networks easier to be run. Providing more scheduling and conflict resolution means high security, better passenger information and care, greener networks and reliable communications, Thales helps you boost the passengers’ satisfaction and security.

All our operation control systems are modular, scalable and flexible systems that can be extended with additional optional modules.

For Traffic Management 

Thales operation control systems enable flexible operations whether you are operating a simple fixed-block network or a sophisticated Communications-Based Train Control system. By monitoring your network in real-time, system performance is continuously supervised and analyzed. Build and share at any time diagnostic information from the train to the maintenance staff (while the train is in operation) and operational statistics for your management reports.

For mainline traffic management, our system automatically controls, supervises and records the actual railway traffic. It performs automatic conflict detection, conflict solution and proposes optimized operational solutions. It centralizes and auto¬mates the management tasks of railway operators. ARAMIS (Advanced Railway Automation, Management and Information System) is a modular product that provides optimized planning, supervising, dispatching, control and analyses of train services. 

For urban rail traffic management whether you are operating a simple fixed-block network or are using moving-block technology with a Communications-Based Train Control system, Thales provides you the best solutions, from rail turnkey integrated solutions to stand-alone systems.  With a high level of centralised control, the user-friendly interfaces of our traffic management systems allow the metro line operators to: 

  • Monitor and control trains, drivers, and signalling equipment. 
  • Create, control, and optimise timetables, either in online or offline modes. 
  • Develop test or training scenarios by simulating train traffic and signalling behaviours. 
  • To respond to todays’ challenges, our systems now enable operators to significantly reduce traction power consumption across the network by controlling train speed, adjusting the timetable in real-time, and optimising energy recovery through regenerative braking systems. 



  • Quality of service, less delay minutes 
  • Lower operational expenses 
  • Increase of traffic capacity 
  • Fully integrated, powerful client-server solution for personnel
  • Support of OCC and local operators 
  • Support legacy and new infrastructures 
  • Modular system which can be expanded 
  • Fast lead time, proven system in field 


For passengers & staff’s security 

Integrated in the OCC (Operation Control Centre), supervise your assets in station with Thales SCADAsoft system in order to ensure the security, safety and comfort of passengers & staffs. As a fully customizable solution based on industry standards and open architecture, operators and infrastructure managers can choose the location of their control points, from the passenger information to the power systems. 

Thales real-time videosurveillance solutions suit the on-board & stations’ environments to enhance safety, security and protection for goods and passengers.

Managed through an intuitive user interface, our integrated Operation Control Centre (OCC) platform provides operators with complete visualization and control of every subsystem to guarantee smooth, continuous operations. Thales next-generation supervision solutions go even further with deep cross-functional integration to boost capacity, ease incident management and provide seamless journeys for passengers.

Understand the scope of activities of an OCC in a metro environment by clicking on the video below. 

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