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Gemalto impulsa la conectividad de los vehículos inteligentes

Estudio de caso

Gemalto impulsa la conectividad de los vehículos inteligentes [PDF - 202kb]

Thales Trusted Digital ID Services Platform helps meet consumer requirements for both security and convenience.

This end to end platform of services enables secure and seamless digital enrollment and biometric authentication such as facial and voice matching.

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Antwerp: the smart city built around IoT innovation

The most innovative minds in Antwerp are coming together to help establish the Belgian city as one of the smartest on the world stage


How can we ensure artificial intelligence behaves ethically?

Rumman Chowdhury, Global Lead for Responsible AI at Accenture explains why a movie-based misconception of artificial intelligence isn’t telling the right story and how innovation in AI can be used to create a more ethical digital world.

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El IoT y las ciudades inteligentes, seguras y sostenibles

En 2018, las ciudades inteligentes ya no son un sueño del futuro. Gracias a las soluciones innovadoras del Internet de las Cosas (IoT), muchas ya están activas y se expanden rápidamente.

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