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Interview – Secure ´Plug&Charge´

Listen to the CEO of Gireve and Thales’ VP of Automotive discuss the future of EV charging and the Plug & Charge solution that both companies have collaborated on to simplify and secure EV charging.

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Driving Successful Digital Identity Strategies

This webinar, conducted jointly with Thales, explores the adoption of digital identity verification, the need to orchestrate and the most effective digital identity verification strategies to pursue in the face of changing requirements. The session features a summary of Juniper Research’s findings in this market, insight into Thales’ solutions, and a wide-ranging roundtable discussion on the topic.

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Thales Trusted Digital ID Services Platform helps meet consumer requirements for both security and convenience.

This end to end platform of services enables secure and seamless digital enrollment and biometric authentication such as facial and voice matching.

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El IoT y las ciudades inteligentes, seguras y sostenibles

En 2018, las ciudades inteligentes ya no son un sueño del futuro. Gracias a las soluciones innovadoras del Internet de las Cosas (IoT), muchas ya están activas y se expanden rápidamente.

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