Key features

• Security in computing devices,stored data, applications and data transfer
• Unauthorised access prevention and protection of data at rest


Our products

RECRU V2 - Hardware Security module for Defence and Government applications

     • The RECRU Crypto Card implements symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic security, digital signature and authentication methods in a USB hardware token
     • On-board storage of keys, and digital certificates
     • High quality true random generator
     • Privacy of data achieved through high performance encryption
     • Tamper resistant technology

nShield Connect 6000 - General purpose Hardware Security Module

     • Controls access to critical information
     • Protects your business processes
     • Delivers trusted, FIPS-validated security
     • Provides scalable encryption services

ISATIS - Personal Computer and Files Security

     • Hard disk encryption and pre-boot authentication
     • Password or Token Authentication
     • Fully transparent disk encryption
     • File integrity checking
     • Single-Sign-On to the operating system
     • Hardware-based security solution with RECRU V2
     • Remote management console
     • Exchange of protected files within a closed group of users

SafeSign - Strong Authentication and ID Management

     • SafeSign solutions encompass signing and verification of users and transactions, secure access for users and full lifecycle identity management using strong authentication
     • Multiple authentication technologies used
     • Controls access to multiple applications on the same system
     • Flexible and integrated approach to strong authentication
     • Minimization of administration and operating costs