Thales Group - Rossanna Mencarini 2
Project Manager

Rossana Mencarini has been part of the Thales family since March 2012. She joined as the Project Management Officer for the Mexico City Project, one of the world’s largest urban safety projects, and is now Project Director. Born in Mexico City, Rossana has a degree in Electric-Electronic Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. A Certified Project Manager since 2005, Rossana has led multiple projects in protection systems, video surveillance, multi-biometric technologies, Identification and secure document management, and contact centers. Rossana has a flair for combining her passion for her career in Thales with the most important achievement in her life, her child!

Why did you choose this career path?

I really like to make things happen, that’s why I became a Project Manager. I have a real passion for what I’m doing. Each day, I find motivation in taking a successful step forward – big or small - to see people working hard to achieve the daily challenges, coaching my team to reach hitos, innovating through team work, performing through commitment and accomplishing new goals every day !

Looking back, what are the highlights in your career so far?

I´m really proud of what I have done already, and continue to do, the challenges I have achieved, and I’m proud of the respect and friendship shown to me by some of my customers, management and colleagues within the team. One of my career highlights at Thales, was where I helped the executive management to win a project enhancement for 7,000 additional cameras in the Mexico Ciudad Segura Project; bid managing and then delivering the implementation. Within the first 2 years, we delivered 70% of the project – all within time, cost and quality!

What are the major challenges of your job today?

There are many challenges for today, but a major challenge is to build a successful multi-skilled maintenance team, to show the customer that Thales has moved towards a service oriented culture ,where we can genuinely show how we care.

What’s next?

I have now committed to implement a fully transverse business wide Project Management Office in Mexico before the end of the year. I really believe this will enable Thales in Mexico to become even better organized in delivering projects and performance. Then I would like to evolve my career more generally into business operations. I like working with people, and I really enjoy managing problems and to improve operations. Dreams have no limits, so I’m going to reach for the stars!