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Corporate / Communications

Since I joined as an intern, I’ve been working on a project to increase brand awareness in the U.S., both internally and externally. Thales is such a huge and multidimensional company that it can be difficult for the public and even employees to fully understand what we do. To date, I’ve been involved with

internet and intranet management and helping to co-ordinate activity at U.S. trade shows. I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time which is great for my development. I recently attended the APEX conference in California where I promoted Thales’s involvement through social media. It was the first time I saw, firsthand, how my work made a positive impact and it was made even more rewarding because a colleague from France was flown over to teach me the ropes. Multi-tasking, tenacity and quick decision-making were all skills I picked up during his visit!

When he left, he provided me with a list of tips and contacts from France that I could get in touch with if I needed help with anything.



It’s reassuring to know that people here care about my career. Thales has a professional development program that encourages every employee to sit down with their manager and discuss where they want to be in a year, or even five years down the line. Thanks to this support, I’ve started learning French – and that’s just the beginning.