All recent conflicts and international crises have shown how Navies are required to operate jointly either through coalitions or inter-allied forces or simply to be interoperable with other national forces (Land and Air forces). In addition many joint task forces are now also deployed for humanitarian and civil purposes.

AQUILON is the new Fully Integrated Communications System which provides an “IP at sea” capability to any type of ship (from interceptor aircraft carrier). It provides voice and data, internal and external communication with high performance quality of services to the users.

AQUILON is based upon an open, modular, distributed and secure IP architecture which aggregate all the onboard assets (radios, modems, terminals, wireless…).

PARTNER, one of the core element of AQUILON, manages all the onboard communications assets and provides high grade services as COMPLAN or SHIPPLAN trough a user friendly MMI.

AQUILON enables platforms to participate in Network Centric Operations and embeds Naval Force Intranet capability. Fully based on IP technology, this solution provides a federated network using all communications assets (HF, VHF, UHF, SatCom, High Data Rate Links, …) on board fleet ships. Communications priorities and radio channels availabilities are managed in real time to comply with user needs. NFI provides an “IP at sea” capability, offering multimedia services through multi-platform networking for applications such as MCCIS, decision aids, planning aids,  as well as Web, Chat, FTP, database access, E-mail, images, video-conference,…

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