The GROUND Master 200 is the medium range multi missions radar of the ThalesRaytheonSystems’ GROUND Master family. Sharing building blocks with GM400 (successful long range version), the GROUND Master 200 is a tactical radar designed to answer simultaneously to the most demanding operational needs:

  • Air Surveillance, provide an accurate detection from very low to high altitudes, whatever the environment.
  • Air Defense Weapon Coordination, from VSHORAD to Medium range system.
  • Weapon locating system, providing Rocket Artillery & Mortar warnings, as weel as launch & impact points computation (C-RAM mission).

Highly mobile, the GROUND Master 200 is an all in one solution with a unique shelter 20ft ISO which can receive 2 operator positions. Operated on truck it can be operational in less than 15 minutes.

Key Features:

  • S band
  • Extended detection range : 250 km surveillance mode / 100 km engagement mode
  • Full time 3D coverage from –7 to 70° in 1 rotation
  • High data renewal rate enabling short reaction time and fast track acquisition
  • Real digital stacked beam

Did you know?

  • GM200 has the capability to detect hovering helicopters
  • GM200 has only 2 simple operational modes that can be switch without stopping antenna rotation
  • GM200 has an embedded power unit to sustain autonomous operation.
  • Launch in 2010, GM200 is already sold (classified customers)