Mexico City: A Glaring Public Safety Success

Mexico, with its more than 22 million inhabitants, has long suffered from record levels of insecurity. The public safety solutions deployed by Thales have generated spectacular results since 2009, thanks to smart analysis tools and a comprehensive approach of the problem.

A landmark achievement in urban public safety

The "Ciudad segura" project, launched in Mexico City in 2009, stands as one of the most complete and spectacular achievements to date in urban video surveillance systems.
Thales has deployed all its know-how in the fields of sensor networks, video analysis, and integrating various actors involved in a complex project.
The operation resulted in a more than 56% drop in crime, a 6-fold reduction (from 12 to just over 2 minutes) in average reaction time, and a notable increase in the city’s economic and tourist attractiveness.

The seeds of success

This success springs from the combination of several factors:
- A centralized database fed through several sensor networks of different natures (CCTV cameras, seismic sensors, fire detectors ...), through officers on the field and the citizens themselves;
- The performance of Thales's data processing and smart video analysis tools, apt to tell critical events from the information noise and enabling operators to call the relevant agencies (police, firefighters, first aid);
- Thales’s ability to bring different authorities and agencies together around a shared project, both on a technological and organizational point of view, and to generate an integrated and scalable solution.