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Parc des Expositions, Paris Le Bourget, 19-25 June 2023

Thales is pleased to welcome you to Paris Air Show 2023, where we are presenting the latest technologies for safer skies. Celebrating 130 years of innovation, the Group will display the best of its advances in Defense, Space and Avionics.

Join us at the Thales booth (stand B1) to discover:

  • The New Tech Wave: from quantum technologies to Artificial Intelligence or the latest generation lasers, get a walkthrough of what to expect from aerospace technologies in the upcoming years.
  • Defense technologies for safer skies: from sensors to effectors, from integrated suites to collaborative systems, discover how Thales solutions will provide air superiority to the armed forces. For the first time, you will be able to enter the command and control center of Thales’ flagship radar (Ground Master family).
  • The Cockpit of the Future: take command of an aircraft and experience how the connected brain of aircraft empowered by AI can immediately reduce by 10% CO2 emissions.
  • The Space Experience: from protecting our planet to exploring the Moon and beyond, join us for an immersive space journey.
  • Collaborative Aerospace Combat: learn how better connected forces can act faster, think smarter and gain combat superiority.

Please join us as well at the Thales Press chalet (#271) for a series of hot topic media briefings (duration: 45 minutes):

  • Monday, 19 June:
    • 4:30 pm: “No sustainability without stability: why defense must be included in European ESG investment funds”. Speakers: Bertrand Delcaire, VP Head of Investor Relations, Thales; Jan Pie, Secretary General, Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Association of Europe; Anne-Charlotte Fredenucci, Chairman, Ametra.
  • Tuesday, 20 June:
    • 10:00 am: “Quantum technologies, the new Aerospace game changer”. Speaker: Mathias Van Den Bossche, Director of Research, Technology and Product Policy, Thales Alenia Space.
  • Wednesday, 21 June:
    • 11:00 am: “Stratospheric balloons: what are their different uses and how to detect them?”. Speakers: Eric Marceau, VP Strategy & Marketing, Surface Radars, Thales; Yannick Combet, Stratobus Program Manager, Thales Alenia Space.
    • 4:00 pm: “AI, a solution for greener and more responsible aerospace”. Speaker: David Sadek, VP Research, Technology & Innovation – AI & Information Processing, Thales. Olivier Kermagoret, VP Technology, Secure Communications and Information Systems for Defense.
  • Thursday, 22 June:
    • 9:30 am: “From cybersecurity to biometrics, how technologies enable a smoother and safer passenger experience”. Speaker: Sébastien Guérémy, VP Identification and Verification Solutions, Thales, Nathalie Feyt, VP Cybersecurity for aeronautics, Thales.
    • 10:30 am: “Secure and reliable connectivity for smarter and safer mobility”. Speakers: Philippe Keryer, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Research and Technology, Thales; Eric Feuteun, Chief Operations Officer, Software République.

Thales press releases will be sent by email and will also be accessible on our web page: Paris Air Show | Thales Group

Please confirm your interest and /or attendance ​ to :

  • Alice Pruvot : ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ +33 7 70 27 11 37
  • Camille Heck : ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ +33 6 73 78 33 63


Thales press contacts

  • Alice Pruvot, Head of Media Relations & Social Media, Aeronautics & Defense
  • Camille Heck, Media Relations Manager, Land & Naval Defense
  • Cédric Leurquin, VP Media Relations
Alice Pruvot, Group and Innovation
+33 7 70 27 11 37
Camille Heck, Thales, Media Relations Land & Naval Defence
+33 (0)6 73 78 33 63
Head of Media Relations