Sea proven communication products and solutions.

A comprehensive range of products and solutions that ensure high connectivity as well as secure and interoperable communications. Moreover, these communications allow the networking of functions and platforms, the cornerstone of network centric operation.

  • Wireless communication systems
  • Communications Management Systems
  • Full range of product portfolio:
- VLF, HF, V/UHF, Satcom, HRDL
- Modems
- TACAN beacons
- IFF interrogators, transponders and CIT
- COMINT products and systems
  • COMINT systems
  • Naval force intranet
  • Aquilon: Fully integrated communication system
- Internal communications
- External communications
- Wireless communications
- Communication management 
Naval Communications
Thales Group - Naval communications
  • TR 4000 Family
    Fixed frequency UHF transceivers.
  • TRG 6030
    V/UHF EPM (ECCM) transceivers.
  • Naval HF Series
    Family of HF receivers and exciters, medium power HF amplifiers and HF transceivers and transmitters.
  • HF antennas, couplers and routing systems
    For family of medium power HF transmitters, receivers and transceivers.
  • HF multi-mode modem
    Selected by United Kingdom Royal Navy and French Navy.
  • NGIN
    New Generation of IP Network - Naval voice over IP solution.
  • Focon IP
    New generation of IP network.
    Communication Management System (CMS).
  • THWINCOM® Family
    Wireless naval communication system.
    Tactical wireless intercom system.
  • Naval Broadcast and Alarm Solutions
    Modular, rugged and reliable communications.
  • Self-Powered Telephones (SPT)
    Modular, rugged and reliable.
  • SURFSAT Family
    Satcom terminals for surface ships.
    Satcom terminal for submarine.