Vehicle communication and integration solutions

Cost-effective solutions for vehicle communication, networking and sensor integration.

  • Intra-vehicle and inter-vehicle voice, data and video communications
  • Scalable from Voice Intercom to large Command Post Networks
  • High audio quality in noisy environment through Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Wide spectrum of services: intercom, radiocom, SIP telephony, serial data, PSTN, audio and vetronics interfacing infrastructure
  • Compact and integrated solution for voice, video and data
  • Sotas Lite: systems with minimal footprint
  • Space, weight and power optimization
  • Embedded Eth IP v4/v6 services like IP (ad hoc) routing, DHCP, IPSEC, VoIP (SIP), video...
  • Integration with vehicle information systems for HUMS (CAN, GPS, alarms…)
  • Fully MIL-Spec ruggedized MOTS

Thales Group - SOTAS
Sotas Modular Product Family Building Blocks of the Family
  • Integrated and stand-alone Ethernet switch and IP router (CISCO ESR5915 optional)
  • Embedded PC card for vehicle information and mission systems
  • Built-in video acquisition and server (optional)
  • Provide voice and data access points
  • VIC-1/3 mounting points compatible
  • Crew briefing system for mounted infantry
  • Crew stations:
- Standard with rotary control
- Advanced with intuitive menu-driven HMI

Thales Group - SOTAS networking
  • Tactical networking, including ad hoc routing and Disruption-Tolerant Networking protocols
  • Providing advanced voice session group management including conferencing with CNR radios from different nets
  • Interoperable with all types of military radios and tactical and civilian LTE


Vehicle communication – Seamless battlefield communication

The world class multimedia vehicle solution – modular with optimal customization capability.

  • Sotas Command Post - Coalition, Joint and Inter-agency Solutions
  • Vehicles connected through wired or wireless high data rate links (electrical, optical, WiFi, LTE)
  • Connected mobile vehicles and deployed networks
  • Shared services like intercom, radiocom, video and data communication between vehicles
  • Improves situational awareness, platform supervision and protection capabilities
  • Providing high bandwidth LAN and seamless access to tactical networks, with SIP telephony services.
  • Civil-military gateway for secure inter-agency communication


Thales Group - SOTAS VEHICLE
Sotas complete vehicle communication solution - Wide spectrum of services
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) for crystal clear audio
  • Significantly reduces battle fatigue with noise-free audio communications
  • Vehicle communication server for C4I systems and vetronics information
  • Sensor integration and data fusion
  • Wide spectrum of audio services and (gigabit) infrastructure for data and video LAN


Thales Group - SOTAS SOLDIER

Sotas Soldier Kit Solutions - Seamless transition for mounted and dismounted soldiers
  • For infantry vehicles and personnel carriers
  • Provides full integration of body-worn systems and vehicle systems (data, voice and power)
  • Intercom facilities between mounted soldiers and vehicle crew
  • Data exchange between BMS and body vest for mission data updates
  • Access to vehicle radios for mounted soldiers
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