Specifically designed to fulfil the current and future requirements of small to large multi-role warships, Scorpion 2 is the “state of the art” in Electronic Counter Measures for electronic attack, point defence and area protection. It is designed to defeat long range search radars, target acquisition radars and missile guidance radars operating in both their search and locked-on modes.


·Area Protection
- Defence of other ships in consort against attack
- Allows high value units to remain silent
- Cover for incursion missions by other assets

·Point Defence
-Defence of host ship against attacks from aircraft, missiles and other ships

·Advanced Digital RF Memory based Techniques Generator
- Automatic responses according to pre-programmed threat library
- Multiple simultaneous threats -Coherent threat by threat programmed replay
- Multiple jamming modesand techniques
·Built-in target tracking receivers – continuous angle and parameter updates for fast response
·Single or Dual Head Transmitter configurations
·Separate antennas for narrow beam precision jamming or wide beam for area jamming

Scorpion 2 can be integrated with any ESM system, such as the Thales Sealion and Vigile ESMs, that provides instantaneous bearing measurements and radar parameter data on intercepted threat radars. The ESM initiates target acquisition for Scorpion 2’s built-in tracking receivers.