Covering the range from training equipments to turnkey training services, Thales leads the way in Military training.

Our military portfolio spans jet fighters, transport and refuelling aircraft, helicopters, land vehicles and naval platforms with associated weaponry and systems embedded within their increasingly complex operational environment.

Thales also has several active Training Services covering ab-initio, conversion to role, recurring and pre-deployment training.

  • Military aircraft flight and mission training
    The Thales approach to military aircraft training is to leverage maximum operational value from its broad experience as provider of real mission systems and aircraft systems. Our portfolio spans jet fighters, tactical transport and refuelling aircraft.
  • Helicopter flight and mission training
    Thales delivers a range of training devices and services for military helicopter training from flight training to full mission preparation.
  • Training services
    Thales is a major training services provider delivering training as a service to an international customer base.