• Spectral band: 8-12μm (LWIR – the proven
solution for the battlefield) or 3-5μm (MWIR)
• Cooled technology
• Full MIL Spec
• Compatible with AFV Fire Control applications

• Long range surveillance and target acquisition
• Day and Night + Adverse conditions
• Ability to see through barriers such as vegetation, camouflage netting…
• World leader outside US market for Thermal Imager for AFV
• The most complete range of Thermal Imagers


Our products


- CATHERINE FC - Fire control imager



Thales Group - CATHERINE FC picture




- CATHERINE XP - LW QWIP fire control thermal imager





Thales Group - CATHERINE XP picture





- CATHERINE MP - Mega-pixel thermal imager





Thales Group - catherine mp illustration





- CATHERINE GP - General purpose Thermal Imager





Thales Group - CATHERINE MP picture





- CLAIRE - General Purpose MW Camera





Thales Group - CLAIRE picture